How to deal with Manchester United game postponed

Due to various reasons, originally scheduled for July 25 at 20 o’clock in the evening at the bird’s nest started the Manchester United VS Manchester City battle to cancel, “the world’s first overseas Derby, Manchester City” ended in farce. Fans angry, both clubs dissatisfied, host targeted. 1xbet reported that the match temporarily off, such a situation is not uncommon, such as rain, snow and other weather or safety factors, such as the terrorist attacks. Established tournament being cancelled, that involves tickets refunded, and insurance, betting, competitions and many other matters in European football, how such a problem be solved?

Under the shadow of the terrorist attacks in Europe, many football matches were affected. Said 2015-16 season, the final round in the Premier League Manchester United VS Liverpool, the match scheduled on May 15, but at Old Trafford Sir Alex Ferguson stands inside the men’s room 5th floor, United’s security staff found a phone, this phone through a wire to the gas pipeline, security personnel suspected of bomb attacks, the fans were evacuated, the game was put off to the 17th.

After the game, United’s official 1xbet quickly issued a statement, mentioned on the ticket and replay issues: ticket refund coming, next Tuesday’s game, tickets will be free. Season-ticket holders and single tickets buyers, VIP box users will receive a refund. Whether it is holding a season card, membership card, or paper tickets audience, as long as the owners of the original tickets, next Tuesday’s match are free admission. The replacement of paper tickets are also underway on Monday or Tuesday we will reprint tickets in the ticket Center.,,,,